CHLORELLA pyrenoidosa

Chlorella is a unicellular green microalgae with a true nucleus (nukleid), and grown in drenched freshwater ponds under strict nutritional control. Chlorella has been on earth since before the Precambrian, more than 2.5 billion years and were first cultivated in 1890 by a Dutch microbiologist named M. W. Beyerinck, who gave the name of the alga Chlorella (Greek. Chloros green).

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2000s Functional Food!

Chlorella is 100 % natural, nutritious and very complete food, free from synthetic additives, preservatives, gluten, dyes and other chemicals and can be consumed by everyone, young and old, people with allergies, vegetarians, pregnant women, nursing mothers. Chlorella can also be eaten in large quantities without side effects and is not addictive. 

Several of the world’s scientists believe that green plants, balanced whole, gives a higher nutritional effect than synthetically produced multivitamins!

Chlorella, one of nature complex, complete nutrition, contributes to a healthier life through its richness in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, RNA/DNA, proteins and chlorophyll. Chlorella is also a strong antioxidant to fight against free radicals! 

Chlorella is eaten every day including of 15 to 20 million people in Japan and is regarded there as well as in large parts of the world, to be the most nutritious plant on earth. Unlike such as spirulina, classified as bacteria (prokaryotes) chlorella is a plant (eurokaryot) because it has a true nucleus (nukleid) whose content of RNA / DNA quality is unmatched by any other nutrient in the soil. Chlorellas cell divides into four new cells for about 18 to 20 hours, which means that chlorellas incomparably fast growth rate during growth indicates high quality of RNA / DNA in the cell chlorella nucleus.

Many people suffer from fatigue, depression, stress, allergies, stomach upset, pain, unbalanced metabolism and reduced body functions. In the daily diet is often lacking some important nutrients while constantly expose ourselves to air pollution, pestisider, dyes and other chemical additives in food and drink. These harmful and body, completely foreign chemicals and heavy metals, propagated in our organism and cause devastating health problems when they exceed the body’s tolerance level.                                                                                                     This, in turn, leads to a weakened immune system, which means that the body is not able to defend itself against causes ranging from mild to severe allergies, genetic, physical and mental illnesses and cancer. We ourselves can bring about a change by giving our body additional nutrients by ingesting such as Chlorella pyrenoidosa which our body genetically recognize and thus can be effectively addressed. Not least important is that chlorella pyrenoidosa also helps cleanse the body from foreign, harmful substances, heavy metals and foreign bacteria.. Important is of course also to do daily exercise and eating a balanced, nutritious and healthy diet. Fluid intake of at least 2 liters of water and good sleep are also important factors that contribute to a better physical balance.

CHLORELLA pyrenoidosa and your immune system.

All humans have a need of a strong immune system in the fight against cancer, viruses, allergies, and other physical and mental illnesses. By regularly eating chlorella, it adds to the body both balanced and complete nutrition that the body easily recognise and takes up effectively. These nutritional vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, RNA / DNA, and about 70% protein in completely natural form, which can help the body strengthen its immune system and allowing it to come into better balance.

Chlorella helps to detoxify the body from heavy metals and foreign bacteria, while strengthening its own good intestinal bacteria. Chlorella contains more chlorophyll than any other plant on earth. Chlorophyll contributes to the body, quickly and efficiently, assimilates all the nutrients found in chlorella.

Chlorophyll helps not only to check the calcium in the body, but also cleanses the liver and gall bladder, helping to burn protein and fat, increases the absorption of iron, and cleanses and strengthens the blood.

CHLORELLA pyrenoidosa cleaning properties    

Chlorella pyrenoidosa  is the only kind of chlorella with the content of the active substance sporopolenin which has an extravagant ability to detoxify the body and the rich content of chlorophyll (about 7%) in the algae contributes to, effectively clean the kidneys, liver, air organs, digestive systems and the blood from heavy metals and other substances which are foreign to the body. A combination of a natural and well-balanced nutrition and an active purification process in your body produces an important support and a good stimulus for your own immune system in the fight against the free radicals and thus constitutes a protection against a variety of diseases and prevents premature aging!

Polysaccharides in chlorella cell wall also stimulate production of interferon, an important protein that strengthens the body’s own immune system.

Dr. Fujimaki worked at the People’s Scientific Research Center at Koganei in Tokyo, discovered a physiologically active substance that accelerates the growth and development of new cells in chlorellas organisms called chlorella growth factor (C, G F.)                                This active ingredient is unique and only produced in the process of rapid multiplication by photosynthesis. The structure of the CGF is quite complex. It consists of a nukleidpeptid (nuclear peptide) containing sulphur, polysaccharides and other substances. The main elements of the nucleus which are sugars are glucose, but it also contains mannose, rhamnose, arabinose, galactose and xylose. The structure of the amino acid, the peptide containing glutamic acid, aspartic acid, alanine, serine, glycine and prolamine.

CGF also contains proteins, vitamins and the nucleic acid related substances DNA / RNA (Chlorella CGF has the richest content of all nutrients on the planet).

Taking 1 g of chlorella each meal (5 x 200 mg), the content is only about 667 mg of protein, but it contains 29.5 mg of RNA and 2.8 mg of DNA which helps protect the cells and increase energy levels. The recommended dosage of Chlorella pyrenoidosa per day, is 3 grams, equivalent to 15 tablets. 

(Dr. Benjamin Franklin (the ”first” doctor) pointed to the RNA as the first anti-acing factor).

CGF (Chlorella Growth Factor) is the most valuable substance in chlorella and available only in chlorella, which can be a contributing factor to that it is the most popular health food also in Japan today.                                           Analyses of chlorella shows 3% RNA and 0.3% DNA which would make chlorella one of the richest food of nucleic acids.


Chlorella also provides us with a variety of vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fatty acids and, not least, important to mention, the richest source of chlorophyll of any plant on earth. While all this is beneficial,   the most precious substance in the chlorella is Chlorella Growth Factor or CGF. 

CGF is a nucleus / peptide complex derived from a hot water extract of chorella. It consists mostly of derivatives of nucleic acids. Researchers have discovered that CGF is produced during the intense photosynthesis that allowed chlorella its rapid growth. Each cell divides into four new cells for approximately 20 hours, and CGF supports this rapid reproduction rate.                                                               Experiments with microorganisms, animals and children have shown that CGF support growth faster than normal, without side effects, and in adults, it proves to enhance RNA / DNA functions responsible for production of proteins, enzymes and energy on cellular level, stimulus to the healing of tissues and cells protection against many toxic substances.

Dr. Benjamin Franklin, author of The No-Aging Diet, claimed that the body’s own production of RNA / DNA decreases with age resulting in lower vitality and increased vulnerability to various diseases. Before chlorella was known as an important source of nucleic acids recommended Dr. Frank a diet rich in particular nucleic acids to counter the aging process.

Dr. Minchinori Kimura of Japan found levels of 10% RNA and 3% DNA in chlorella, which would make this alga to the richest nukleinsyresubstansen on earth. With regular use of chlorella can support the repair of damaged genetic material in the cells and represent a good health causing the aging process to develop slowly.

Nucleic acids during combustion and assimilation, broken down and combined with other nutrients such as vitamin B12, peptides, and polysaccharides. This means that food rich in DNA and RNA we eat do not directly replace human cellular DNA and RNA, but in combination with amino acids supports these cellular immediately ”building blocks” of the body to repair the genetic material. 

As you age, weaken the effect of the cell process. The cell wall that regulates the fluidity, uptake of nutrients and expulsion of waste, becomes functionally impaired. Nutrient intake is less effective and more waste substances remain in the cells. This leads to an increased acidification of the body which favors many different chronic and genetic diseases.

When our RNA / DNA is in good condition and has the ability to function in an effective manner, our body absorb nutrients, making of toxins and avoid disease. The cells can then repair themselves and strengthens the body’s energy and vitality.

Kopia av tabletter

What distinguishes extract of chlorella from the tablets?

Chlorella tablets and powder contains all parts of the chlorella cell. The extract contains only the innermost of the cell. CGF does not include the outer cell wall and chlorophyll, which is considered to be most effective in detoxifying the body from toxins and support intestinal health. Thus, tablets are ideal when you wish to achieve gentle detoxification, bowel treatment, support the immune system and a basic health maintenance.

The extract or CGF hold 15 times more power in relation to chlorella tablets/ powder. Many years of research shows that the growth factor strength is found in its ability to support the immune system. Thus, a combination of chlorella tablets / powder and CGF is the most efficient and therefore the most beneficial for people with various health problems.




Chlorella pyrenoidosa cells to respond to the desired physical characters are investigated and collected under the microscope and placed in breeding cylinders of glass containing nutrient solution. Then chlorellas first reproductive stage has been reached for a particular maturity moved to a larger glass container to continue the reproductive process. Temperature and humidity in the cultivation area must be serviced and maintained at optimal levels throughout the process.



Then when the cultivation of chlorella reaches the required maturity in reproductive containers, it is moved to an outdoor enclosure for accelerating its growth under natural conditions.

Cultivation is now sufficiently strong to be able to adapt and thrive in the outdoor environment.                                                                        The water in the cultivation basins is in constant motion by a mechani-cal mixing ramp. This ensures and provides a guarantee that the chlorella cells are getting similar and sufficient amount of sunlight, nutrients and carbon dioxide, which is essential to the process of photosynthesis to go right.

Chlorella remains in the outdoor pool to it is ready to be harvested. The time for the process vary throughout the year, but ranges from 7 days in the summer period to about 10 days in winter


When a cultivation is ready to be harvested, the algae rich water is moved through a pipeline to a tank where it is filtered to be separated from the excess water and any other particles. The algae is washed repeatedly during a constant supply of fresh water. Centrifugal force separates the algae from the water, which is removed leaving a crop of pure chlorella.                                                                                    Chlorella is dried by air drying, which transforms the wet algae concentrate to clean and fine powder.



Quality control is essential and is carried throughout the cultivation and harvesting process. Samples are taken from each harvest, mixed with brine. It is a culture prepared to carefully examine if there is the presence of bacteria. Subsequently a computer system is looking through chlorellans nutritional content and if it is not fully satisfactory in accordance with established standards (food grade), it is processed for sale as an ingredient for animal feed (feed grade).


Completion of the product.

After the chlorophyll content was measured by using a colour spectra meter, the algae finally is examined under the microscope in order to be able to ensure its cleanliness before the product is then packaged.

Through analysis, the biochemical composition and microbiological components of the powder is examined. Chlorella must abide to the strict rule of the standard to be sold for human consumption.

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