About me

Flag_of_Sweden.svgIMG_0286                               STIG LEVIN

I have specialised in health and nutrition issues for 27 years, followed scientific research and medical use and development of Chlorella pyrenoidosa. My book, Chlorella – Funktionell Föda– is based on scientific researches in the world during many years.

Chlorella pyrenoidosa is a fresh cultivated green microalgae that is filled with well-balanced nutrients in 100% organic natural form. In Japan, chlorella is ”functional food” or functional food Nr. 1 for many years and is used daily by over 20 million Japanese people. Today it is eaten in all parts of the world and still used many times as treatments in the fight against cancer and other bad diseases.

Chlorella was named by Dr. Bernard Jensen, United States to ”Pearl of the Orient” and well deserves its reputation as a green basic staple food. It has been researched for more than 125 years of chlorella.

Chlorella is nature’s richest source of chlorophyll that is considered as the most effective cleaner of blood and intestines. Chlorella is also richest in RNA / DNA which is important for a healthy and cellular growth and contribute to repair of cells inevitably degrades with age.

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